Cocktail Mac OS X is a general purpose software utility that works for Mac platform. It has powerful tools and practical features that simplify the use of UNIX functions. This also helps most of Mac users to take advantage of their Mac computers. Cocktail is already widely used all over the world today and there are about 200,000 computers that deploy it in their computer system.  Some known companies that employ using it are Puma, Sony, New York Times, Business Week and even Harvard University. What does Cocktail can do to your Mac OS X?

Cocktail application is a mixture of maintenance tools and interface tweaks. This is all offered in just one application that also use comprehensive graphical user interface. Its features are divided into five categories and addition to it is its Pilot features that allows you to clean, optimize and repair the computer in just few clicks from the interface.

Cocktail Features and Categories

Disks Features:

  1. It will automatically conduct Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) of the disks.
  2. It either enables or disables journaling options on the selected disk.
  3. It also performs disk permissions repairs.
  4. It is capable also of resetting home directory permissions as well as Access Control Lists.
  5. It also prevents or allows mounting of external disks particularly during system startup.

System Features:

  1. It is capable of running periodic maintenance scripts.
  2. It sets backup interval and modify also other time settings in the machines.
  3. It changes the startup mode as well as forces emptying Trash bin.

Network Features:

  1. It changes the speed and MTU cards for networking.
  2. It also optimizes network settings of any types of network connection.
  3. It can manually modify the TCP window settings as well.

Interface Features:

  1. It can customize the features and settings of Find, Safari, Dock, and other System services.
  2. It also modifies settings of Address Book, Disk Utility, iCal, iTunes, Backup and others.

Pilot Features:

  1. It cleans and optimizes the system in just few clicks.
  2. It can schedule the clearing time of the system such as internet cache files cleaning, log files clearing and running periodic maintenance scripts as well.

When looking for the right maintenance for your system, you can always rely with Cocktail Mac OS X and you will have your Mac system running on its top performance.


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